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SweetDreams Portable Baby Bed

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  • REVITALIZING SLEEP - A growing infant needs high-quality sleep to grow into a healthy child. Our SweetDreams® Portable Baby Bed mimics the shape of the uterus and snuggles your baby for deep revitalizing sleep.
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY - Prevent your little one from obtaining a flat head! Our bed is designed to keep your newborn's head in alignment with their spine. 
  • COMFORTABLE VENTILATION - Soft and supple, bamboo memory foam provides an amazing amount of comfort while still allowing air to pass through to prevent your little one from overheating.
  • SAFE & GENTLE - Covered with organic cotton, the bed is created to feel soft and smooth against your newborn’s skin. Made with cotton that was never treated with chemicals, it is the perfect companion for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • MULTIFUNCTION - Not only is it a comfortable and prevents a flat head, but the fully adjustable and elevated leg pillow will aid your baby's digestion and prevent them from throwing up any meals they may have had earlier throughout the day.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Machine washable for easy care because little messes happen.

The SweetDreams® Portable Baby Bed offers parents a convenient solution for correcting and preventing mild cases of flat head syndrome. Covered with organic cotton, the bed is soft and smooth against your baby's skin and ensures a great and restful sleep every night. The memory foam pillow is designed to relieve pressure while keeping your baby safely cradled.


It perfectly complements all your baby gear including cribs and bassinets. The pillow and elevated leg cushion will gently keep your baby's spine in alignment and prevent them from rolling over into any unsafe positions while sleeping to ensure unrestricted breathing.


Product Details

  • Size: 21.65 x 14.9 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.77 lbs
  • Suitable up to 12 months
  • FDA Approved

What's Included

  • 1 x SweetDreams® Portable Baby Bed