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Leather Repair Patch

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Turn Your Old Leather Furniture Into New

This Leather Patch is designed to repair old leather furniture with just a simple few steps. Your Leather furniture will certainty looks like new after the repair process is completed.



  • Easy Repair - This Leather Repair Patch will be your fastest way to repair old leather scratches or broken leather area. Rescue your favorite furniture with just a few minutes.  
  • High Quality Material - This leather patch is build with genuine leather, ensuring durability and environmental friendly. 
  • Wide Application - Can be used on most surface such as sofa, car seat, handbag, suitcase and many more.



  • Material - PU Self-adhesive Leather
  • Size: 25*30 cm (9.8*11.8 inches)
  • Available in 24 colours


Package Included

(Set of 2) Leather Repair Patch