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DT-1130 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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DT-1130 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

1 x Digital Electromagnetic Electrical Radiation Detector
1 x User Manual

6F22 9V Battery for Detector ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!

Simple operation, fast measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.
Value for money, easy to carry.
Designed to meet CE industrial standard.
For the environmental electromagnetic radiation testing: bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors, transmitters and other sources of measurement.
Used in home electrical equipment, measurement of electromagnetic radiation: mobile phone, computers, televisions, copiers, fax machines, air conditioners and other power sources of test analysis.
Display readings: three semi-liquid crystal display, maximum reading 1999
Measurement time intervals: 0.4 seconds.

Display readings: Three semi-liquid crystal display
Maximum reading low-frequency 1999V/M / High Frequency 1999µW/cm2.
Level: low-frequency V/m, high-frequency: µW/cm2
Measurement time intervals: 0.4 seconds
Operation voltage: 9V
Power by : 6F22 9V battery (not included)
Measure frequency range: 50HZ-2000MHZ
Operation temperature: -15°C ~ +60°C
Dimension: Approx. 135mm x 70mm x 30mm

How to detect:
Switch on the device
Close to the object slowly until contact with it,the closer the distance is the stronger the power of lectromagnetic radiation is. Remark:Don’t clost to the object with high voltage
Change the angle during detecting until get the maximum data
When the object is power off, the reading will be 0 unless there are other disturbing.